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MRI Rate Chart

Queens Hospital (Pvt.) Ltd.

Jail Road, Jessore

M R I 1.5 Tesla Super Conductive Examination

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

Test CodePart of ScannedRateRe
MRI. 01MRI of Brian7,500.00 
MRI. 02 ***MRI of Brain & Pituitary Fossa / Gland10,000.00 
MRI. 03MRI of Spectroscopy7,500.00 
MRI. 04MRI Pituitary gland / Fossa8,000.00 
MRI. 05MRI & MRA of Brain10,000.00 
MRI. 06MRI of Brain + MRS10,000.00 
MRI. 07 ***MRI of Orbits7,500.00 
MRI. 08MRI of Brain & Orbits10,000.00 
MRI. 09MRI of Skull / Head7,500.00 
MRI. 10MRI of Mastoid /IAC/Ear/Choclea7,500.00 
MRI. 11MRI of P.N.S (Paranasal Sinuses)7,500.00 
MRI. 12 ***Nasopharynx / Neck7,500.00 
MRI. 13 ***Whole Abdomen14,000.00 
MRI. 14 ***HBS (Liver, Gall Bladder) / MRCP9,000.00 
MRI. 15 ***Upper Abdomen / Kidneys9,000.00 
MRI. 16 ***Adrenal Glands9,000.00 
MRI. 17 ***Lower Abdomen / Pelvis9,000.00 
MRI. 18 ***Abdominal Mass / Lumps9,000.00 
MRI. 19 ***KUB9,000.00 
MRI. 20 ***Genito-Urinary System9,000.00 
MRI. 21 ***Uterus & Adnexae9,000.00 
MRI. 22Cervical Spine7,500.00 
MRI. 23Dorsal Spine7,500.00 
MRI. 24Lumbo –Sacral Spine7,500.00 
MRI. 25Dorso-Lumber Spine10,000.00 
MRI. 26Cervico-Dorsal Spine10,000.00 
MRI. 27Whole Spine Screening7,500.00 
MRI. 28Screening 2 Sequence3,000.00 
MRI. 29Whole Spine15,000.00 
MRI. 30 ***Chest / Thorax / Both Lung9,000.00 
MRI. 31Pelvic Bones / Sacrum / SI joints9,000.00 
MRI. 32Joint : Hips / Knees/Ankle / Foot (each)8,000.00 
MRI. 33 ***Thigh / Femur / Leg8,000.00 
MRI. 34Joint : Shoulder / Elbow / Wrist8,000.00 
MRI. 35 ***Arm/Forearm/Hand8,000.00 
MRI. 36 ***MRA – Renal / Abdominal /Aorta10,000.00 
MRI. 37 ***MRA – Upper / Lower Limb12,000.00 
MRI. 38MRA – Neck7,500.00 
MRI. 39MRA – Brain7,500.00 


N.B :   –  If contrast needed in any examination additional 2500/= Tk will be charged.

***  Marks investigation mostly contrast needed so you are requested to come with 4 hours empty stomach with s. Creatinine report.

MRI = Magnetic Resonance Imaging,             

MRA = Magnetic Resonance Engiogram

MRV = Magnetic Resonance Venogram